Droidcon 2016 in London

Bringing in names like Noah Falstein, Chet Haase and Nick Butcher I knew I was in for a treat going to Droidcon in London. Just a week before going to London I bought “Day of the Tentacle Remastered” without knowing that Noah was one of the guys behind it, so I was very pleased to see the boxart of the game appear on screen just a few minutes into the first keynote. Quite a start of the conference! The venue did little to disappoint (got a bit crowded at times but what would a conference be if there was no one to bump into!). I meat two former colleagues from Golden Gekko (now DMI, delivers full mobile + backend solutions to some of the largest customers I have worked with), Michael Gardner and Cyrus Bakhtiari-Haftlang. I also talked a lot with Ragunath Jawahar (Author and maintainer of Keylines, a android library that helps you get the layouts just right, gave me some very good advice on some RxJava related issues I was struggling with) and Jeff Rollason (runs a company that specialized in games AI, and a very interesting guy to talk to). So I hope to go back next year to reconnect and get to know even more people with a passion for mobile and AI!

For the videos from the conference I am sad to report that they are not available unless you attended/have a skillcast account, but i can summarize with some links to great libraries and other material that was mentioned or shown in the talks


Transitions in the android support library

Checkout the Support design demos:

Groupie helps you display and manage complex RecyclerView layouts

Tango from google

AppCompat v23.2 — DayNight theme

Firebase – all you need to know and more

Mobile TensorFlow

And some RxJava/Android links:




That is all for this years Droidcon, already looking forward to next years!

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