Conference report from ngVikings 2017

Since Jayway sponsored ngVikings 2017 I got the opportunity to attend “The main Angular conference in the Nordics”, which was a delight.

The venue was the main hall of the IT University of Copenhagen, which is not exactly what we danes would call “hyggelig”, but it was quite fitting for the purpose.

My first impression was that I was really surprised by the size of the event. There were probably 2-300 attendees and I spoke to people from both Finland and Holland who had come to Denmark for this event. Another surprise, was that several of those who I spoke to actually liked React better than Angular, but came for the general SPA and web frontend content.Vikings at the entrance of ngVikings
The second thing was that the organisers took the “Vikings” theme quite literally!

All sessions were recorded and according to the organisers they should be made available online anytime soon.

Since it was a two track conference, I have only covered the sessions I went to myself.

Sessions I recommend

The opening keynote by Kenneth Auchenberg about A future without browsers was really interesting. A approach to looking at browsers, which I personally have not seen before.

Developing Accessible Cross-platform Apps with NativeScript and Angular featured two developers from the Danish Library and Expertise center who shared with us their experiences with developing a native app with NativeScript. They were without a doubt the two least polished and prepared speakers of the conference. But at the same time, it was the only session I saw, that wasn’t mostly a ready-made demo of “look how cool this is” (you know, the ones that get us all excited because it all seems like magic until we try it out for ourselves and reality hits). Instead they had authentic, unfiltered experiences for the rest of us to learn from.

Angular of Things… Angular as an internet of things technology? Well, actually, it is not that Angular runs on “the thing”, but that Angular apps in the browser can actually work together with “the thing” (in this case bluetooth beacons and temperature sensors) thanks to the latest advances in JavaScript APIs.  Really interesting demo by Uri Shaked with code examples and hardware!

In An Introduction Into Using Angular’s Material Design Tracy Lee showed us how to create a stunning looking material design app incredibly fast. By far the most impressive live coding demo of the day. And Material Design seems to be the new Bootstrap?

Backend as a service (BAAS) is the new black when it comes to AWESOME up-and-running-in-seconds demos. AngularFire2 and you was no exception.

In Keeping untrusted code out of your Angular application we learnt about three security features that anyone creating web-frontends ought to know about.

Building Angular Apps gave a good look into all the “magic” the goes on when you build Angular apps. An area that everybody should know, but most people can’t be bothered to dive into.

RxJS – everything is a stream Avoid state, program functionally, improved promising handling and more. The room was jam-packed for this session, which demoed how to work with streams in RxJS. The most theoretical session of the day, but programming concepts that shake your traditional approach to problem solving is always interesting.

The rest

I was really looking forward to Angular OTB: Outside The Browser because server-side rendering is incredibly important for both SEO, load-time, performance and progressive enhancement support. Unfortunately Wassim Chegham spent most of the session preaching to the choir about why it is relevant, so we never really got the interesting part: how does it work?

Progressively Mobile With Ionic was the exact opposite of the NativeScript talk. Very polished sales pitch but not really technically interesting. Good if you don’t know what Ionic is, though.

In total

ngVikings 2017 was a good 1-day conference with sufficient content for both Angular devs and web-devs in general with an Impressive lineup of international speakers.

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