Hypermedia APIs with mobile clients

At our recent talk at Confess 2013 in Vienna there were several developers working with mobile devices in the audience. This is great as the purpose of hypermedia in the API is to make life simpler for client developers. However, after the talk several of them raised issues regarding the high latency and low bandwidth of mobile phones. In this post I will try to address both these concerns.

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Learn Clojure using records and protocols

Transitioning from Java to Scala was simplified by the fact that you could still write something similar to your old style Java code in Scala and then start learning the functional way and all other cool things available in Scala. When learning Clojure this threshold is higher as the language is so different than Java. However, by using records and protocols you should be able to do things in a similar way that you are already used to and then transition into more idiomatic Clojure.

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Why hypermedia APIs?

When we talk about creating RESTful services using hypermedia we often get into discussions why the links are necessary. Why not simply publish a list of available URI:s and the client can code directly using these links? Won't there be much overhead in putting links into every response? In this blogpost we will try to explain why we think a hypermedia API is useful.

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