WebLogic 10.3 JMX

I have been using Oracle WebLogic 10.3 for a while in my current assignment. I wanted to publish my own custom MBeans and be able to see and edit properties and invoke methods on them. However, the built-in management console does not support custom MBeans (without adding custom configuration). I ended up using JManage which is an open source management console implemented as a web application.

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PowerMock 1.0 released

We have released 1.0 of PowerMock just in time for the Øredev conference! PowerMock is an open source mock framework based on EasyMock that allow you to mock static methods, private methods and even constructors. Our intent is mainly to allow unit testing of legacy code and people really seemed to appreciate this idea at the conference.

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We have got the privilege to borrow an Azul Vega 1 which is the smallest of Azul's monster machines. This evening a bunch of us Jaywayers gathered to try it out. Installing the Azul JVM was painless and all of us were up and running very quickly. Read more...

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