Øredev 2012 – Testing integrated

This years Øredev conference was yet another success. As a part of the program committee I can once more conclude that a great program combined with just awesome keynotes is a steady backbone in realizing the conference. And then there are all the details that just need to be there, food, coffee, a good venue, sponsors and of course; passionate people that creates the atmosphere of knowledge sharing in a friendly environment. There are lots and lots of many more details to point out the beauty of our conference.

But how about the core ideas and the program? (more…)

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Beta test exploration: Scapple

I stumbled upon another one of those mind mapping applications called Scapple.app. As I am always looking for ways to improve and change ways of working I had to try it out. I regularly use Xmind at the moment for these demands.

As it is in Beta test, I also decided to give it a real test perspective. A short session with recorded notes and a bug list was what came out of it. I hope they can make use of my results.

This is my summary: (more…)

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Presentation: Developers Exploratory Testing – Raising the bar

I have now presented about Developers Exploratory Testing at three conferences, Lets Test 2012 (Stockholm), CAST 2012 (San Jose) and Agile 2012 (Dallas). I still have Agile Testing Days 2012 (Berlin) in November, but I have figured out that the material will probably evolve enough before that time so I might as well publish my current material.

I have gotten very good response from my presentations with really interesting questions during Q&A sessions and also hallway discussions with plenty of people regarding the approach we are having on the team being responsible for quality. (more…)

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Working with expectations – Software quality characteristics game

When working with our mission of creating an organization wide test strategy I was thinking about quality related problems we have in some projects. I realized that the expected quality is not explicitly stated anywhere. This means neither customer nor development team are aligned about which level of quality is expected to be delivered when done. I needed something to achieve a better awareness of quality requirements and a light weight way of stating them explicitly. (more…)

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Elaborating on DET – ETDD evolving?

I got some positive response about DET that I wrote on my blog and in my CAST session proposal, so I thought I would elaborate a little on where I think this could be going. I will probably cover more hands on aspects in the coming weeks, but I really want to explain a vision I have around it first.

How about including the business stakeholders?

In my current project, I started to involve our main business stakeholders in our test sessions from the start when I got involved. And they have gotten really excited about attending once a week.  (more…)

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Developers exploratory testing – Expanding its value

There is a common practice in our company to perform Developers Exploratory Testing sessions, explained by my colleague Davor here. The cool thing is that this way of performing higher level testing has actually become accepted by our developers, and they really enjoy it.

In my current work of developing our organization wide practices for quality, I have made a deep dive into how DET is carried out on a regular basis. What I have seen is that DET is accepted and acknowledged as a valuable practice, however it is not really carried out in its full potential. There are many details and aspects of it to work on, especially regarding reporting and follow-up.

The other day I was asked to help one of our teams with a DET session. (more…)

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