Deploying a Clojure web app on Heroku

Heroku is a cloud application platform for Ruby/Rails and Node.js. However, the Cedar stack on Heroku makes it possible to deploy other types of applications. In this blog entry, I will first describe how to write a simple Clojure web app using the Ring library and the build tool Leiningen. Then I will show how to deploy this Clojure web app on Heroku, using nothing but Git. I will make a change and see how to deploy that. I will also show how to easily roll back to a previous release.

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Numerical Integration (With Precision)

In a previous blog entry, I explained the higher-order function sum and how to use the Substitution Model to follow the execution of a function. In this entry, I will use the sum function to perform numerical integration, and in the process run into some pitfalls of Java's BigDecimal. I will show how the language Clojure provides an elegant solution to the "exact quotient cannot be represented" problem of BigDecimal.

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The Golden Ratio

Also known as the "Divine Quotient", the Golden Ratio was given an almost magical meaning during the renaissance, but it's actually much older than that. Leonardo DaVinci used it. Euclid…

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