Presentation: Developers Exploratory Testing – Raising the bar

I have now presented about Developers Exploratory Testing at three conferences, Lets Test 2012 (Stockholm), CAST 2012 (San Jose) and Agile 2012 (Dallas). I still have Agile Testing Days 2012 (Berlin) in November, but I have figured out that the material will probably evolve enough before that time so I might as well publish my current material.

I have gotten very good response from my presentations with really interesting questions during Q&A sessions and also hallway discussions with plenty of people regarding the approach we are having on the team being responsible for quality. (more…)

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Responsibility – key to success?

At Öredev 2009 I first learned about Christopher Averys responsibility process model in a seminar about agile adoption strategies. The speaker, Amr Elssamadisy, emphasized the importance of having team members…

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