Async Servlets

It is now about four and a half years since the Servlet 3.0 specification was released in December 2009, together with Java EE 6. One feature that came in Servlet…

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Sync-Async Pair Pattern – Easy concurrency on iOS

Apple provides many tools for implementing concurrency in your application. NSOperationQueue, GCD, or simply using performSelectorInBackground:withObject: that is available on each and every object, are just some examples. The tools…

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We have got the privilege to borrow an Azul Vega 1 which is the smallest of Azul's monster machines. This evening a bunch of us Jaywayers gathered to try it out. Installing the Azul JVM was painless and all of us were up and running very quickly. Read more...

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News On Concurrency

Prior to Java 5, most people associated concurrency in Java with the Thread and Runnable concepts. That has all changed now! We now have a compelling high-level API at our…

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