GeeCON 2014

Last week we visited the GeeCON conference in Krakow as speakers and participants. The event attracted some 1200 visitors according to the organizers, and it was located inside a cinema…

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Berlin Buzzwords 2013

Berlin Buzzwords feels more like a festival than a normal conference. You get these wristbands that you should wear for a few days and being held at a brewery there…

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Presentation: Developers Exploratory Testing – Raising the bar

I have now presented about Developers Exploratory Testing at three conferences, Lets Test 2012 (Stockholm), CAST 2012 (San Jose) and Agile 2012 (Dallas). I still have Agile Testing Days 2012 (Berlin) in November, but I have figured out that the material will probably evolve enough before that time so I might as well publish my current material.

I have gotten very good response from my presentations with really interesting questions during Q&A sessions and also hallway discussions with plenty of people regarding the approach we are having on the team being responsible for quality. (more…)

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JAOO 2008 in AArhus

This year at JAOO all 5 keynote speakers were language designers so there was a clear trend talking about new languages, for example Scala, F# and Fortress. What motivates this…

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Øredev 2007

As most of you know Jayway is one of the organizers of Øredev. Knowing that, and knowing how much we love our own conference, you might not trust our judgment…

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