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Deploying a Clojure web app on Heroku

Heroku is a cloud application platform for Ruby/Rails and Node.js. However, the Cedar stack on Heroku makes it possible to deploy other types of applications. In this blog entry, I will first describe how to write a simple Clojure web app using the Ring library and the build tool Leiningen. Then I will show how to deploy this Clojure web app on Heroku, using nothing but Git. I will make a change and see how to deploy that. I will also show how to easily roll back to a previous release.

Maven automatic build versioning and Git against Subversion

If you use Git locally against a Subversion repository you might run into problems if your project is set up to generate automatic build numbers through the buildnumber-maven-plugin, since the plugin might be setup to get the build numbers from Subversion. Through some use of additional profiles you can work around this.