Sandboxing plugins in Java

Some Java applications need to be able to load plugins, in the form of .jar files, from untrusted sources, and execute code from such plugins with restricted permissions, for example…

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GeeCON 2014

Last week we visited the GeeCON conference in Krakow as speakers and participants. The event attracted some 1200 visitors according to the organizers, and it was located inside a cinema…

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Async Servlets

It is now about four and a half years since the Servlet 3.0 specification was released in December 2009, together with Java EE 6. One feature that came in Servlet…

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About ExecutorServices

Dealing with asynchronous programming is not easy, at least not if you are a Java programmer. Not only do you have to take care of Callables, Runnables, Futures and likes,…

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Spring @PropertySource

If you are a Spring developer and and you have created a Java based container configuration, you have probably come across the @PropertySource annotation for importing resources. It was first…

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