Sneaky throw

The latest issue of our magazine Jayview is out with brand new look and feel. My contribution was a cool piece of code that gets rid of those annoying exceptions.…

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Interview James Coplien

Jim “Cope” Coplien is the inventor of Organizational Patterns and author of several books on the subject. Cope currently works as a consultant and is often asked to assist with…

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JavaFX – Hands On

The JavaFX 1.0 release was launched in December 2008 after years of development. So what is it? Sun markets JavaFX as a Rich Internet Application (RIA) platform and a tools…

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Øredev 2007

As most of you know Jayway is one of the organizers of Øredev. Knowing that, and knowing how much we love our own conference, you might not trust our judgment…

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