As Halloween is approaching and the aftternoons grow rainy, it's time for some tinkering. So, why not try to get the pumpkins a bit more interesting than cut-out veggies? Getting…

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PowerMock Part 2

In JayView 17 we presented a short introduction to PowerMock, a framework that allows you to create automated tests for almost any code in isolation from its environment. In this…

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Executable .jar, with onejar-maven-plugin

Onejar-maven-plugin collects your application including dependencies, into one executable jar. It's both easy and works well! (UPDATED for version 1.3.0. See below.) It lets all your dependency jars stay jars, and your code is in its own jar. All of those jars are put in a bigger jar, which is made executable.


It may sound weird, but it's quite elegant! Just put this in your pom.xml's <plugins> tag to make it work:[...]

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