Getting around static typing in Scala

I really like static typing, but sometimes it can get in your way. For instance if you have a collection of objects and you want to perform an operation on the objects of a certain subclass you can run into problems.

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The Golden Ratio

Also known as the "Divine Quotient", the Golden Ratio was given an almost magical meaning during the renaissance, but it's actually much older than that. Leonardo DaVinci used it. Euclid…

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Scala IDE support

Today we wanted to test the scala java interoperabilty in different IDEs. We used the Scala plugin for Eclipse, Netbeans and IntelliJ. The intellij plugin worked out of the box.…

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We have got the privilege to borrow an Azul Vega 1 which is the smallest of Azul's monster machines. This evening a bunch of us Jaywayers gathered to try it out. Installing the Azul JVM was painless and all of us were up and running very quickly. Read more...

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