Scripting in Ruby

I just read, or rather skimmed, the book, called Everyday Scripting with Ruby and it is awful. I had high expectations. I was expecting something like Perl for System Administration,…

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The Golden Ratio

Also known as the "Divine Quotient", the Golden Ratio was given an almost magical meaning during the renaissance, but it's actually much older than that. Leonardo DaVinci used it. Euclid…

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Always Use Parenthesis in Groovy Builders

I recently ran into an interesting Groovy feature when demonstrating the strengths of the MarkupBuilder. As you probably know, parenthesis in a Groovy method call are optional, unless it's a no-args call. In that case the parenthesis are needed in order to distinguish the call from a property. However, leaving out parenthesis in a Builder is asking for trouble. I'll show you why.

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