Developers exploratory testing – Expanding its value

There is a common practice in our company to perform Developers Exploratory Testing sessions, explained by my colleague Davor here. The cool thing is that this way of performing higher level testing has actually become accepted by our developers, and they really enjoy it.

In my current work of developing our organization wide practices for quality, I have made a deep dive into how DET is carried out on a regular basis. What I have seen is that DET is accepted and acknowledged as a valuable practice, however it is not really carried out in its full potential. There are many details and aspects of it to work on, especially regarding reporting and follow-up.

The other day I was asked to help one of our teams with a DET session. (more…)

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Responsibility – key to success?

At Öredev 2009 I first learned about Christopher Averys responsibility process model in a seminar about agile adoption strategies. The speaker, Amr Elssamadisy, emphasized the importance of having team members…

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